Another BASH

Not a linux shell this time, but an alternative to ASH (and S-ASH).

Where I currently work I don’t have the luxury to work with The Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Packs. It’s perhaps not that surprising as they are a bit pricey but I really miss them. I’m not able to access the AWR report and I don’t get any nice pretty pictures of the load running on my databases.

Until recently, however, I’ve managed to get some of this functionality by using S-ASH . It’s pretty neat and I know that a lot of Oracle DBAs use this.

However, now there’s another alternative – BASH by Marcus Mönnig. He also has a wonderful tool called Mumbai that you should look at too. Seriously. If you don’t have the Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning packs, check out his blog. Here’s the kind of thing that you can get, and  for nothing! (taken from Marcus’s site):



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