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Same User Database Links

I’m not sure how many people know this but it’s possible to create a database link without specifying a username or password. If you do this then the link will take the username and password from the currently connected user. … Continue reading

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If you’re running PostgreSQL on Debian there are some friendly wrapper commands for the underlying PostgreSQL commands. Things like pg_lscluster to list all postgresql clusters running on a box. These make life a little nicer for your PostgreSQL administrator. Today … Continue reading

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dbms_output oddities in Oracle 11.1

You’ve all seen countless scripts that show you how much space is being used in each tablespace, for example: but generally speaking they fail to take into account the fact that some of the data files in a tablespace might … Continue reading

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Locked Oracle Stats

Oracle datapump is pretty darn impressive, except in a few areas (e.g. having to use oracle diectories and having such a ridiculous name) but it did something a little unexpected to me today. I was creating a new database populated … Continue reading

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A DNA Sequencer ..on a stick!

DNA sequencers used to be big and clunky. And really heavy – I remember having to put one in the boot of my car once. Then  again, so was your average computer I guess. These days you can lose a … Continue reading

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NOPRINT in sqlplus

Maybe it’s because I use a Mac or maybe its just that text editors don’t like my lines lining up nicely. Whatever it is, it’s not unusual for my nicely aligned text strings to go thoroughly wonky when I try to paste … Continue reading

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