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Not Only SQL

Not every DBA works with NoSQL. However, every DBA (and DBA manager for that matter) should know what it is, or rather what they, are. Rather than try to explain NoSQL myself I’ll recommend the following. The first is a … Continue reading

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The Human Brain Project ..and other memory matters.

First off, apologies for neglecting this site even more than usual. I blame life. Well, that plus DIY. And a polecat. But I won’t go into details – this isn’t facebook after all. Anyhow, the human brain project. I first … Continue reading

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Avoiding Analytic Functions

I’m a big fan of analytic functions in Oracle and I use them now and then ..but probably not enough. I know that a lot of experienced programmers use them less than me, using the excuse that all this malarkey … Continue reading

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Another BASH

Not a linux shell this time, but an alternative to ASH (and S-ASH). Where I currently work I don’t have the luxury to work with The Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Packs. It’s perhaps not that surprising as they are a bit … Continue reading

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Virtual Box

Another freebie I guess. I don’t know if anybody has played around with this before but it might be useful should you be sad enough to want to play with Oracle or Linux at home :-). Anyhow, Oracle Virtual Box … Continue reading

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More Free Stuff

I expect most of you know that there is a free version of TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development) for Oracle available? I seem to remember that when Quest bought TOAD, the guy who wrote it insisted on this always … Continue reading

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Free Oracle Book

A free book by the legendary Tom Kyte, courtesy of Redgate As the link says this freebie won’t be around for long. N.B. This link was originally posted here: I would recommend people subscribe to this if they work … Continue reading

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Same User Database Links

I’m not sure how many people know this but it’s possible to create a database link without specifying a username or password. If you do this then the link will take the username and password from the currently connected user. … Continue reading

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dbms_output oddities in Oracle 11.1

You’ve all seen countless scripts that show you how much space is being used in each tablespace, for example: but generally speaking they fail to take into account the fact that some of the data files in a tablespace might … Continue reading

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Locked Oracle Stats

Oracle datapump is pretty darn impressive, except in a few areas (e.g. having to use oracle diectories and having such a ridiculous name) but it did something a little unexpected to me today. I was creating a new database populated … Continue reading

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