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The Father of Genomics Is Dead

Fred Sanger, genetic pioneer and inspiration to many has passed away. A sad day. Still, a damn fine innings sir. No doubt the Sanger Institute will be planning something special to celebrate his life and his discoveries. Read more here and … Continue reading

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Free Book Time Yet Again

..and from Red-gate again. And no – I don’t work there although when I went to their offices it did look like rather a wonderful place to work. Anyhow, this book is very useful.

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Publishing Personal Genomes

Hi, I heard about this on the radio a week or so ago and ever since have been wondering if I should sign up. Take a look here or click on the logo below.   So the idea here is that you … Continue reading

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Time for Another Freebie from Redgate

Hi, Just a quickie and I might be teaching various Grandmothers to suck eggs by posting this one but it won’t take long to read and has links to some more in depth books at the end so check it … Continue reading

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Not Only SQL

Not every DBA works with NoSQL. However, every DBA (and DBA manager for that matter) should know what it is, or rather what they, are. Rather than try to explain NoSQL myself I’ll recommend the following. The first is a … Continue reading

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Biomedical Pictures

If you’ve arrived on my feeble blog via a biological search you might also be interested in this site – The Biomedical Picture Of The Day.  It’s a lovely (and educational) way to spend a few minutes. My wife sometimes … Continue reading

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The Human Brain Project ..and other memory matters.

First off, apologies for neglecting this site even more than usual. I blame life. Well, that plus DIY. And a polecat. But I won’t go into details – this isn’t facebook after all. Anyhow, the human brain project. I first … Continue reading

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Avoiding Analytic Functions

I’m a big fan of analytic functions in Oracle and I use them now and then ..but probably not enough. I know that a lot of experienced programmers use them less than me, using the excuse that all this malarkey … Continue reading

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A Terminal Experience

Anybody you meet who works on Linux will probably have a favourite terminal emulator. I  quite like PuTTY, rxvt and Terminal (if working on a Mac) but there are quite a few out there, many of which are free. However, … Continue reading

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So Many Languages, So Little Time

In the past I’ve programmed in Basic, Pascal, Assembly Language, Fortran, Cobol, C, Java, Flash (does that count?), Shell Scripts, Quel, ABF, HTML, SQL, Perl, PSQL, PL/SQL and probably a few more if I really think about it and it … Continue reading

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