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A nice little comment on twitter..

“I wish I had enough money to run Oracle instead of Postgres.” “Why do you want to do that?” “I don’t, I just wish I had enough money to.” Advertisements

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df for windoze

As I now seem to spend more time on windows than linux these days I’ve been looking at ways to get the information I’m used to getting. There is, for example, something called ‘grep for windows’. Then there’s cygwin of … Continue reading

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You might be free but your DNA is ours..

Check this out: ūüė¶

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Free Books Again ..Again

Seems to be me I should¬†publicize some more free e-books. These are courtesy from Red-gate. I think they’ve been around for a while but I have it on good authority from someone who knows SQL Server much better than me¬†that … Continue reading

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