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The Father of Genomics Is Dead

Fred Sanger, genetic pioneer and inspiration to many has passed away. A sad day. Still, a damn fine innings sir. No doubt the Sanger Institute will be planning something special to celebrate his life and his discoveries. Read more here and … Continue reading

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Publishing Personal Genomes

Hi, I heard about this on the radio a week or so ago and ever since have been wondering if I should sign up. Take a look here or click on the logo below.   So the idea here is that you … Continue reading

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Biomedical Pictures

If you’ve arrived on my feeble blog via a biological search you might also be interested in this site – The Biomedical Picture Of The Day.  It’s a lovely (and educational) way to spend a few minutes. My wife sometimes … Continue reading

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The Human Brain Project ..and other memory matters.

First off, apologies for neglecting this site even more than usual. I blame life. Well, that plus DIY. And a polecat. But I won’t go into details – this isn’t facebook after all. Anyhow, the human brain project. I first … Continue reading

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Sir Professor Mike Stratton (or quite possibly Professor Sir Mike Stratton)*

Professor Mike Stratton has been knighted. This guy is the main man at The Sanger Institute. An incredibly intelligent, inspirational and passionate advocate of Cancer Research who without doubt deserves this recognition. Congratulations Sir Mike! Click on the picture for … Continue reading

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Sanity Prevails In The US of A

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of patenting genes. The US Supreme Court seems to have its collective heads screwed on as it rules that genes cannot be patented. No doubt we’ve not heard the last of this yet though. … Continue reading

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Patently Ridiculous

Thank goodness. At last there is a challenge to pharmaceutical companies patenting our genes. How on Earth can a company patent any of my genes – I had them way before any multinational conglomerate claimed them! I’ve always found this … Continue reading

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DNA Fingerprints

Some time ago I went to a presentation by the people who ran the DNA fingerprinting service for the police. It was all very interesting and at the end they asked for volunteers to give them samples of their DNA … Continue reading

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Quadruple Stranded DNA

I’d never heard of this before. Pretty as well as pretty interesting! Quadruple Helix DNA

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DNA Mapping for Cancer Patients

Check this out. DNA sequencing for the masses is getting closer by the day. Actually I had my ‘DNA Fingerprints’ taken the other day as I was being a Guinea Pig for a new technique. I’d guess, however, that most … Continue reading

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