Whose and/or what is DNADBA? And why such a stooopid name?

Tony Webb is who. And the name is just because I’m a DataBase Administrator and I’m interested in DNA (and biology in general).

I’ll be putting some stuff up here that will hopefully assist you poor under-appreciated (and underpaid) DBAs.

What you will find here

Mostly database stuff. Mostly Oracle. Mostly drivel.

I’ll also post the odd biology tidbit and God only knows what else..

BTW, In case you were wondering, the picture at the top of the blog is from a photo I took of a jetty while on holiday in The Lake District and the grey blobs at the edge of the pages are photographs of my chromosomes (a karyogram?) that was taken while I was studying for my genetics degree*.

* Actually it isn’t. If you knew what to look for in the original photo you’d see that there’s no ‘Y’ chromosome. It’s actually a photo of  the chromosomes from someone else on my course,  as I couldn’t find mine. Thanks Sarah 😛

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