The Human Brain Project ..and other memory matters.

First off, apologies for neglecting this site even more than usual. I blame life. Well, that plus DIY. And a polecat. But I won’t go into details – this isn’t facebook after all.

Anyhow, the human brain project. I first heard about this a couple of years ago. At that stage it was just an idea, one of several which were set to be comparable to The Human Genome Project and were looking for some serious funding.

Like the Human Genome Project it has the potential to dramatically change our lives. Finally having a serious insight into how the human brain works and how to simulate it will be remarkable. Find out more here or here

A lot has happened recently. Open World has ended (unfortunately I wasn’t able to go this year) and there were two notable events that happened to my mind, both of which are attributable to Mr Ellison. First there was the announcement of the 12c in-memory caching (not free of course but I doubt if that will be a surprise to many existing Oracle clients) and then there was the ‘no show’ by Larry when he was due to do a key note speech.

The memory caching looks interesting – it’s basically an in-memory column store of the data that you’re accessing. There must be an overhead of maintaining this but this overhead is offset by a massive improvement in many types of queries. I plan to test this out when I can – it will be interesting to see it working alongside the other Oracle caches. Still, Oracle corp. is a cache rich company :-P.

I don’t know why the ‘Larry no-show‘ upset so many people. If I’d spent as much money on a boat as Larry had I’m not sure I could resist sneaking out of an IT conference to watch it win a world championship.

well done team Larry


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