A Terminal Experience

Anybody you meet who works on Linux will probably have a favourite terminal emulator. I  quite like PuTTY, rxvt and Terminal (if working on a Mac) but there are quite a few out there, many of which are free. However, I’ve got a new favourite now – MobaXTerm.

It too is free (you must know by now how much I like ‘free’!), can run XTerm out of the box and includes an SFTP client. It also includes some other utilities like ‘grep’, ‘vim’ and ‘perl’ which means that I don’t need to install cygwin or similar in order to get access to powerful linux commands on windows. I love it – hope you do too.

You can buy a ‘professional edition’ and you might want to do this if you’re using this in a corporate environment but the freebie version is more than enough for my humble needs.

Oh, by the way, it also includes a version of space invaders. I’m not quite sure why but I’m not complaining!



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