Watch This Space

I saw a Linux command the other day that I hadn’t seen before. No idea if everybody else already knows about it but it was news to me so I thought that I should share it. It’s similar to the  ‘tail -f’ that people routinely use to monitor log files, e.g. alert logs, but it works for processes and is probably more similar to something like ‘top’.

It’s ‘watch’

e.g. watch -n 5 "ps aux | grep smon | grep -v grep"

You can see more details here:


…I wish I had known about this years ago!


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I work with databases and stuff
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One Response to Watch This Space

  1. Robin says:

    Bloody computers I hate them….whats wrong with parchment and a quill…I am pleased to say that I no longer recognise any of this stuff….and don’t get me started on mobile phones, two tin cans and a piece of string…hang on there’s an idea – it would boost sales and think of all the upgrades.

    Hope you’re keeping well and the family are too….

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