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I expect most of you know that there is a free version of TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development) for Oracle available? I seem to remember that when Quest bought TOAD, the guy who wrote it insisted on this always being the case ..or is this an urban myth?

Anyhow,  Quest also do a free version of TOAD for MySQL and for SQLServer. I tried the MySQL one a while back – it wasn’t bad but it didn’t seem to be in the same league as the Oracle one but this may have changed recently? Does anybody use these at all?

Switching to pedantic mode, shouldn’t these last two be called be called TMSAD and TSSAD rather that TOAD? And I wonder – what noise should TMSAD and TSSAD make when you open it instead of the gribbit? A pitiful wail perhaps? Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t post after drinking the best part of a bottle of Rioja on a Saturday night.. 🙂


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