SELECT ‘Hello world!’ FROM dual;

So. Yeah. Another DBA and another database blog. I was going to blog as The Grumpy DBA but there’s apparently one out there already.  Actually, I think there’s several e.g.  this one and this one. Why am I not that surprised..? 🙂

I’ll refrain from including an ‘Under Construction’ gif although clearly that is exactly what this blog needs for the time being.

Back in a mo.


About dnadba

I work with databases and stuff
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4 Responses to SELECT ‘Hello world!’ FROM dual;

  1. dnadba says:

    C’est ne pass un comment

  2. mwidlake says:

    I think you might have to put up some more technical content 🙂

    I Like “DNADBA” s a title. It caught my attention anyway! People will soon work out that you are fairly grumpy anyway, in an affable and laid back kind of way…

    Welcome to the world of blogging

  3. dnadba says:

    From little acorns…

    Anyhow it’s only been up a day. Perhaps I should cut-n-paste some drivel from your site, I’m sure you wouldn’t notice. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments though Martin.

    Right then, back to the diablo 3 beta ( much more fun that blogging!

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